Viewers cannot access App plugin page


Sorry if this is a duplicate, but I could not an other question about this.
I am trying to develop an app plugin.
I have configured the following in my plugin.json file :

"includes": [
  "type": "page",
  "name": "Test app page",
  "component": "PageCtrl",
  "role": "Viewer",
  "addToNav": true,
  "defaultNav": true

I have set role to “Viewer”. However the page is shown in left sidenav for Editors and Admins but is not shown to Viewers. Is this behavior intended? How can I enable it for viewers?

I am using Grafana v5.2.1 (built from source).

Also, is there any documentation about the plugin.json file format other than ?

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I am also facing similar problem. I have set page role to ‘Viewer’ but app pages are shown only when user is having Editors and Admins permission. Are we missing something?

@sjalal Were you able to resolve this?

Hi @digrich ,

I had to change some Go code to handle Viewers for plugin page (pkg/models/org_user.go).
It was not working otherwise.