Vertical bar gauge display?


I’ve created a singlestat panel with a gauge display and two thresholds.

This shows me the current value of my measurement in digits in the centre, coloured as per my threshold settings, with approximately 66% of a circle surrounding it, coloured green at the left (lower end of the scale) up to threshold 1, orange between thresholds 1 and 2, and red from threshold 2 up to the maximum value.

Is there any way I can get the same effect, but as a vertical bar? I’m thinking of something like the “column of LEDs” peak level meters you get on some audio equipment.

I’d like a coloured scale as the circle is at present, but vertical instead of curved, with an indicator which rises according to the value of the measurement, and the value of the measurement displayed underneath or at the side of the bar.

I’ve tried using a graph panel and setting the X-axis to “Series”, but I get no indication of the thresholds as I do with the singlestat gauge.

Is this something that’s possible and I just haven’t found it yet?

If not, then I propose it as a feature request - maybe an option on the singlestat panel gauge option for “linear or circular”.

I’m currently using Grafana 5.4.4 and 6.2.4



Aha - it looks like does what I

However, that appeared in 6.2.0, so I still need to find some way to edit
dashboard panels in 6.x -
new-grafana-installation/16169 is still a problem for me (but at least it
encouraged me to learn about the auto-provisioning system, which is how I
update me 6.2.4 dashboards currently).