Singlestat not showing checkbox "Gauge"

Dear community,

I am not very familiar with Grafana, but as I understood within the singlestat should be an option for displaying Gauge stuff. I don’t have this kind of selection. How can I get it? Do I need to set any preferences?

Here is what I see:

Hope someone can help me out here


Hi bwxlabs!
If you want to use Gauge, you can choose it from the Visualization selection (see below).

Hi @ivanahuckova,

thank you for your reply. I was aware of this.

I want to use singlestat with a gauge to have the grafic as well as the gauge view. Do you know, why it is not shown in my options?


Hi bwxlabs! The singlestat panel used to have gauge mode in the older versions of Grafana. This was split into 2 different panels - singlestat and gauge. If you want to see both - singlestat and gauge, you can just create 2 panels. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @ivanahuckova,

thank you for the reply.

Can you tell me if it possible to create an overlap of both diagrams? This is what I want to have. I don’t want to have both diagrams separately, I would like to have them combined. Furthermore it is interesting that it is still shown in the official documentation of grafana: here.

thank you :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible. If you look at the image from documentation, you can see that each panel is either singlestat or gauge.

Hi @ivanahuckova,

I found this image:

So I expected it would be possible. But if not, I have to check I I can make it. Thank you for your help so far.


Downgrade your Grafana if you want gauge and singlestat in the same panel. You have shown an image from an older Grafana version.

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Thanks for pointing this out. I didn’t know about that. Do you know which version of Grafana had this? :slight_smile:

It is 5.x (maybe 5.3 or 5.4)

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Do you know if its planned to incorporate this function in the near future again? I think it is used very often… :wink:

I’ve reviewed Release notes and found out that Singlestat and Gauge were split in 6.4.0 - see release notes. So since 6.4.0, gauges are implemented in the separate gauge panel, not the singlestat panel. We are also not going to support sparkline in the gauge panel in the future as it makes very little sense to mix them and it doesn’t look good.

To solve your issue - since 6.4.0 (see Dashboard : Reuse query results between panels in 6.4.0 release notes), you can now share data between panels. This will let you put a gauge next to a small graph using the same query results. Just create new panel, choose Dashboard as a datasource and choose the panel from which you want to use the query. This query will be reused in your new panel.

Ok, this re-usage may be useful for different scenarios, however, in this particular case it would imply to have a second panel on a dashboard the get the same behavior as before which means in turn to waste space and possibly confuse users.

So what about re-implement this, perhaps as a custom control on Git?

See the following github issue where was this discussed.