Variables selecting groups of values

I am producing a dashboard to be used by a large group of people. The datasource for all of my data is graphite. There are many dozens of teams across multiple areas, and the team names are part of the graphite query path.

What I would like is a way to set up “macros” or the like, so that I could say have a small number of variable values to select, each of which produces a “set” of template values. So, selecting “Kansas” from an area variable might cause 5 or 10 teams to be present in a $team variable.

Is there a way to use a query value to set another template variable? I could set up another datasource, and maintain the relationships outside of grafana, if I needed. Options for how to express the relationship within graphite would be appreciated too.


If you want to solve it with graphite < 1.1 you’ll need to setup graphite paths to actually be able to select Kansas and that in turn can be used for other variables to filter by Kansas.

In graphite 1.1+ there’s support for tags which makes this easier to accomplish. If that’s not an options I would suggest that you insert relationships in a Postgres or MySQL database to be used for template variables and then use graphite for panel queries.