How to use one variable value as a result for another variable input in Grafana?

I am using MySQL as my data source in Grafana and I am executing SELECT Queries to fetch data

Here is the query that I am executing,

SELECT * FROM [[databases]].[[columns]] limit 0, [[limit]];

I have created 3 variables “databases” , “columns” and “limit” which will give me the appropriate result and I have variablized “databases” and “limit values”

But what I want is when I select the value of database from drop down, the column variable should show tables from selected database only

What should be my variable query for that?


In the configuration of the [[columns]] template variable, you can have the options in the drop-down be populated by a SQL query ( In that query itself you can use the [[databases]] variable to run a query that would return the desired set of values for [[columns]]. You may have to experiment with the variable recalculation option, to ensure that the values of [[columns]] are recalculated whenever the user changes their selection of [[databases]].

In [[column]] template variable I am using “show tables;” SQL query.
but when I try to save it, I got an error message like this “Template variables could not be initialized: Error 1046: No database selected

In [[Database]] template variable I am using “show databases;” SQL query, which works fine and gives me the proper result of the list of databases

Can you please give me an example of how can I merge [[database]] template variable value to [[column]] template variable

I figured it out

I changed my [[columns]] template variable query to “show tables from $databases” and it worked

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Right, that’s the one. Glad you worked it out!

Thank you for your suggestions


I found one solution.

I had this problem , get host name in two format.

prometheus query:
variable= host
query= label_values(rsh_node_time{job=~"$job"}, hostname)

result host=“

but, Now, do do another query to mysql , I do need only “node1”

need host and hostmysql

new variable entry:
query= label_values(rsh_node_time{job=~"$job",hostname="$host"}, hostname)
regex= /(.*)( |

the key is to pass hostname="$host" and get label hostname.

and now , we do have access to regex.


Dear Valdemar,

I have a similar situation in which am trying to use one variable output to another but seems not working ,Am using InfluxDB

This is the variable
SHOW TAG VALUES WITH KEY=NodeName WHERE NodeName =~ /AJB/ → $cust


SELECT last(“SiteStatus”) as STATE FROM “Bucket” WHERE “agent_host” = ‘NMS1’ AND ( SiteStatus = 2 OR SiteStatus = 3) AND time >= now() -1m GROUP BY NodeName

Any suggesions how to call this variable?

Thanks in advance