Variables: Query dialog box is no longer visible (Failed to upgrade legacy queries e.variables.getType is not a function)

About 1 week ago our Query Variable is no longer working. The drop down is empty and when you go into settings>variables the text box previously available for the query code is no longer visible. We are getting the error specified in the title of this post when first opening the dashboard and the image has been pasted below. I’m also including an image of the variables settings showing that Query is selected as the type, but no Query text box is available to enter the query. Any suggestions??


Hello @scottfaculak! Would you mind reporting this issue on github and providing more information about what version of Grafana you are using and such.

Thank you!

The problem seems to have been resolved. Going into the Details section of the Grafana cloud instance there was an update option for the Azure Data Explorer plug-in. Once updated and then clicking on Update Instance, the Query text box has returned to the Variables settings (see image) and the errors shown in red on the original post are no longer present.

@ivanahuckova, thank you for at least acknowledging the issue and what I should do as next steps. In comparison, I received an email from Grafana sales reminding me that I could pay $40k/year for Enterprise standard support…good times.


I’m glad it worked out for you!

Hi @scottfaculak, ticketed support is available for Grafana Cloud users through the user portal and you don’t need to go through our “contact us” page next time to ask a support question.

Please note that if you’re on the free plan that ticketed support is limited in scope compared to the paid Grafana Cloud plans. Some more details on Grafana Cloud support options are available here: