Variables per panel instead of per dashbaord


I have a dashboard with 3 panels, they all use the same variables for filtering.
How can I set defaults for those variables per panel/chart and not only “globally” for the whole dashboard?

Many thanks!

Hi @schluk5 ,

I would suggest that you check out the Graphite Template Nested example dashboard on

Note the three panels at the bottom, with each one defaulted to a different backend. Is this what you wanted to achieve?

@mattabrams: I checked out the Graphite Template Nested example, and while that definitely has a great structure with variables, I do not think it is what I (and perhaps the original poster @schluk5) am seeking.

To illustrate, below is my dashboard with 2 panels and 3 variables that I configured. I want Furnace 8, Zone 1 to appear in the top graph and Generator 302, Zone 1 on the bottom graph. However, since the queries behind each of these graphs depends on the same set of dashboard variables, I cannot get them BOTH to display at the same time (only one or the other based on my choices in the dropdowns). To do this, we would need to have variables defined per panel, not per dashboard. Am I looking at this correctly?

@grant2 yep, that does clarify things for me, thank you!

I would upvote this FR and add your perspective to the thread: