Multiple variables for different panels in same dashboard?

I want to make multiple panels in one dashboard.
In each of the panel, I want to filter them by a different set of variables.
Rather than make different dashboards for each of the panel; I was wondering whether it was possible to make only one dashboard and in them multiple panels and each of them filter them by different set of variables? Please let me know. I am unable to understand how to get different vairables for each of the different panels. Please help!

Since you will use variables in various places in the panel, but most likely in the query like http_requests{instance=~"$instance} you can obviously pick and choose which variables to use where. Some panels can use variables, some will use one set of variables and some will use another. There are no restriction there. So you create variables and use the at will.
Or I got this wrong?

Yes I believe you’re correct
If you have 2 variables and say 3 panels
You might use 1 variable for panel1 and 1 for panel2 and may be both variables in panel3 all in the same dashboard