Variable to select 2 tags at once

It is possible to have a variable select 2 tags at once?
Variable1 = APName Variable2 = clAPName
different tag for different table
(don’t ask - AireOS has some weird SNMP MIB table structure)
so if I select AP-012 (APName) I want it to also populate AP-012 for clAPName
Grafana 6.5.2 with Telegraf & Influx running on Ubuntu 18 (all local, no docker)

Should be no issue. Have you tried assigning $Variable1 to hidden Variable2 as custom or constant? You can even use it in the query to select itself from table.

Revisiting this…
I have 2 tables, both include the Mac-address for the AP, but refer to it by different names (bsnAPdot3address, CliAPmacadress) I want to create a single variable selection that maps the CliAPmacadress to the same bsnAPdot3address.
Is this possible?