Variable table select/Multiple variable select

Weird query, I’m sure I’m doing it wrong. I have a complicated dashboard with multiple data sources that I need to query simultaneously for each customer. Right now I have a template that I create a dashboard for each customer that that means I need to update each of there is a change. What I would prefer is to have one dashboard and a drop down for my customer. What I need is a way to pick one customer from the dropdown and that would update a bunch of variables. Like a table of them for each customer. These can’t be dynamically generated as some are numbers and don’t contain the customer name. Any thoughts on how to create a table of variables?

I came up with an idea but I can’t seem to implement it. Basically I build a table of variables.
$customer = one,two
$one_host = host1
$two_host = host2
$one_url = url1
$two_url = url2
$host = $customer_host
$url = $customer_url

This doesn’t seem to work as you can’t extrapolate the $customer_host variable inside the $host variable.

This solution would allow me to create a table of variables for each customer and then only have one mutli-value to select and then get different strings out of it. Anyone have a better way of doing this? My issue is I’m selecting against different data sources with different strings required for each customer.

My solution was to create a Database in AWS RDS to map these things. We ended up using it for a bunch of stuff and call it the GrafanaHelper Database. It allows us to do a one to many mapping for anything we need. The only problem is you can’t use variables and alerts at the same time.
So for the above specific issue I have a query that looks for all the unique “Customer” names in the database and then I can use the columns for each customer row to map out all the other variables.

As you can see I have URLs that are used by Graylog and ES datasources and ELB identifiers for cloudwatch datasources. Now my end users only need to select a customer name and it gets them all the details.