Variable query from different data sources

I’m willing to create a variable in one of our dashboards that contains the union of values from 2 different data sources.

example: (using elasticsearch as datasource)

  • VariableA of type query gets me all the “ServerNames” from DataSourceA
  • VariableB of type query gets me all the “ServerNames” from DataSourceB
    i would like to create VariableC of type query that gets me the union of “ServerNames” from DataSourceA and DataSourceB.

Is this achievable?


I’m not really sure when you are using different datasources, but maybe you can try to add one of the variables to the other (see picture). Maybe you can elaborate with that.

Thanks for your reply. I’m actually using that as i have several variables depending on each other but i don’t see how this can be used to merge results from 2 datasources

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