Variable namespace - are variables shared between dashboards?

Hi there,
It look like variables are shared between dashboards in case when I create let’s say:
dashboard1 with $variable1 (constant)
save dashboard1 as dashboard2 (so it inheriths all graphs and variables from dashboard1)
I change value of $variable1 in dashboard2
In this case I can see that:
dashboard1 - proper value of variable1
dashboard2 - value of $variable1 from dashboard1 which is kinda strange for me
I can see variable1 value in two dashboards in tooltip
but on both dashboards I can see variable = 10
I need to duplicate my dashboard which are quite complex to not create it from scrach for new independent platforms (I need dedicated dashboard - not selection from filter on one dashboard).


Variables are not shared between dashboards.

Thanks but this doesn’t anwser why I can see the same value for particular variable (the same variable name) in two different dashboards having different values for that variable. Second dashboard has been saved as form first dashboard. You can do simple test - create dashboard A, set variable varA. Save dashboard A as dasboard B, change variable varA value.

Let me describe this problem again, because I was not quite clear in previous description.

  1. Dasboard A , varA=10
  2. save as Dasboard B
  3. change value of varA=20 in Dasboard B
  4. save Dashboard B

Description of graph (in both dashboards):
“variableA value = $varA”

On dashboard A

  • I can see value = 10 in tooltip (OK)
  • variable definition varA=10

On dashboard B

  • I can see value = 10 in tooltip (NOK) - my fault in previous description
  • variable definition varA=20

I hope now it’s clear. So I really don’t know where value of varA is taken from in dashboard B.
So I suspected variables are sharing the same namespace.

Today I reopened my dashboard B (“make editable”) - saved 2 weeks ago, entered varA definition and pressed “Update” (without changeing value) - and now value in tooltip is ok.


As nobody is interested to solve this problem, I found WA for this. Manualy edit dashboard’s json and save. In json there are two sections “current” and “options” keeping different values. I don’t know it’s meaning for grafana engine, but modifying it to the same value in both sections - solves problem. It looks like grafana uses “current” value but saves new value in “options” section. I addresed this in Two different variable values in json (current vs selected) - but got no anwer.