Variable from drill down link

Hello All,
I created two dashboards. One more global and one for detailed view. In the global dashboard I have a table with links to the detailed dashboard.
Link is like this:

When I now want the detailed dashboard to get this var-blablabla, I just have to create a variable in the dashboard settings with the same name?

That I did:

But this variable is not working, because I’m referencing in the lucene query to “myself”.
How can I now create a variable, which gets the value from the URL?

Can someone help here?

Kind regards,

Got it solved with the help of a colleague. When you know it it’s simple. :slight_smile:

You just have to define an emtpy Constant variable. This will then be filled with the value of your drill down link.

Be careful! You do not see any results in the “Preview of values”. This was irritating me.

how to use this variable in metrics for quering

hi. you can use this variable then with $blablabla in your search.

Hi.Thanks for the reply. I tried but not working . I have src_ip in my Url but if i query that as $src_ip there seems to be no data fetched

Please note : the src_ip.keyword in the query is different from the one in the URL