Utc aggregations elasticsearch interval time_zone parameter

sorry for my english.
i want aggregate by year but my data are in utc.
when i create my group_by/date_histogram, i select 1y
my data 2019-12-31T23:00:00.000Z are arranged in the bucket 2019 and not in the bucket 2020. with kibana,I have to add the time_zone parameter that not support by grafana.
In my json model


“bucketAggs”: [
“field”: “date_month_declare”,
“id”: “2”,
“settings”: {
“interval”: “1y”,
“min_doc_count”: 1,
“trimEdges”: 0
“type”: “date_histogram”

my dashboard parameter for the time option is browser
if I test with &tz=Europe%2FParis in my url ,it doesn’t change anythink.
What is the solution ?
version grafana : 6.5.2
ELK 7.4.2

thank for your help


For my specific case, i use offset -1h in the groupby.

if it helps