Using variables on an embedded panel

I’m embedding a panel on my website. Currently I’m using an iframe. I have 4 different sensors producing temperature data into MySQL db. I would like to plot all this data as 4 different lines on a line chart. I would like to also choose which ones to present by using multi-value variables.

Is there any way to embed the drop-down menu to select which lines to plot? If not, how would you do the choosing on an embedded panel.

My simple db table structure is like this (measurement_id, sensor_id, temperature_measurement, time_stamp)

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Hi @bap56083, variables on embeded shared panels isn’t something that’s currently supported. Depending on the sensitivity of the data you’re sharing, would making your dashboard publicly viewable (without edit permissions) instead of using an iframe be an option? That way the variable dropdown functionality works as intended.


came here looking for the same thing and was disappointed by this.

My first experiment worked well when using a single value, but didn’t produce anything when I specified several separated by a comma. I also tried semi-commas and pipes, to no avail.

I ended up trying to specify the “var-sensors” parameter several times, and it does the trick :slight_smile: My variable is called “sensors”.

Example of URL that works as the source of an iframe in a web page:


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Is there any solution for this, I am facing the same kind of problem. Thx

I am looking for the same feature,
Would be good if it would be an option to be shared in kiosk mode or not

Hi @fmawizata , I also facing same issue, I want to provide grafana variable to the embed share panel…
Can you please help in how you get sensor1/2 in text panel, like how to provide variable to an iframe ?