Using repeat rows in Grafana 5 grid

Hi, I’ve been using Grafana 4 awhile and am trying to use the new grid feature of Grafana 5.

Here’s a simplified mockup of the current state of the dashboard:

I am using repeat rows to show singlestats for 3 locations. I would like the 3 rows to fit in the area to the left of the World Map panel. As shown in the image, the World Map panel is in the first row; I want it to span all 3 rows of singlestats vertically.

The only way I have found to get this to happen visually is drag the singlestat panels out of the rows into the grid “holes” to the left of the World Map panel. But, no surprise, this breaks the repeat rows, since the singlestats are no longer in rows.

The basic problem seems to be that rows still occupy the full horizontal width of the dashboard. Is there a way to have a row sized to fit in just “x” horizontal grid locations, not the entire width of the dashboard?


I guess you have to use repeating panels instead of rows.