Using of template variables in Dashboard List for querying

I’ve checked several ways to configure links to dashboards based on template variables, but without any success.

Let me describe the problem:

  1. I want to have single dashboard with template variable e.g. “service_name”={“app1”, “app2”}
    (app1, app2 - names of applications which is fetched from prometheus and it’s not hardcoded values);
  2. I want to have the list of dashboards which depends on this “service_name” parameter e.g. shows all dashboard with title app1.* or app2.* (depends on chosen value of $service_name parameter)

Possible solutions:

  1. Using of dashboard list
    It will be nice just put $service_name in field “Query” of Dashboard list, but i’ve found that it isn’t supported:
    (also checked it on Grafana v5.4.3 - still doesn’t work)
    So, “Query” filed is restricted by using of hardcoded values, it’s sad. :frowning:

  2. Using of Drilldown / detail link
    2.1 With “dashboard” type:
    “Dashboard” field have the same problem as “Query” in dashboard list - template variables doesn’t work (but at the same time it works well with “Title” and “Url params” fields.
    2.2 With “absolute” type:
    “URL” field support template variables, but it’s doesn’t allow to fetch dashboards from grafana itself, dashboard name can be just calculated somehow.

The question - is there way to configure dashboard list; drilldown llinks (or maybe there is some another plugin) for querying dashboards based on template variable (instead of hardcoded value)?

Many thanks!