Using mssql as datasource, Do I need to query the whole time interval (7days) to update a graph?

I basically want to know if is there a best practice to keep a timeseries graph updated getting initial data from a general query and then using a query to update just newer datapoints?

What refresh interval will you use?

I am testing with 30 min

Grafana will always fetch all data. Maybe something that will be supported in the future.

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My recommendation is to use the characteristics of grafana,
for example the variable $__interval, which allows you to bring the appropriate data according to the rendering, then you can make a group by and get avg of data.
You must also use the $__timeFilter macro. but above all never bring data that you do not need, better to create several dashboards, and in case of having an event, or need more detail, go to dashboards that present these details.
it may not be good to update the dashboard constantly if your app is not in “real time”

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