Using Influx tags as variables in Grafana

Hello, I would like to see if I can use InfluxDB tags as variables in Grafana. So this is what I have so far:

SHOW TAG VALUES FROM “chk_observ_con_cuenta” WITH KEY = “Producto”
name: chk_observ_con_cuenta
key value

Producto ALFA

So I have one tag named “Producto” with 2 values, ALFA and SUCURSAL on my InfluxDB.
In Grafana I have created a query variable called “prod_con_cuenta” with the same query:
SHOW TAG VALUES FROM “chk_observ_con_cuenta” WITH KEY = “Producto”

Ok, in the preview it shows me the 2 values, ALFA and SUCURSAL … that’s great.
Now in the chart (it’s a bar chart) I would like to use the variable to rename their titles, so if I use $prod_con_cuenta it brings me the first value: ALFA … but I can’t make it recognize the second value, SUCURSAL.

Am I missing something?


what version do you have?

Hi Mel, we’re using version 7.3.4

have you tried other version ?