Using Grafana Cloud with a datasource bein Elastic Cloud

I’m using Grafana Cloud and I would like to setup a datasource which is Elastic Cloud.
In the field URL in data source I typed the elastic cloud URL : and my username/password but it as result when I save I have a red cross with no explanations at all.

Is this supported?


Change the Access mode to proxy.

Direct mode in this cases means direct from your browser to the database. It is usually used together with single sign on or with your own proxy that takes care of authentication and cross-origin headers.

You can see the actual error in the Chrome Dev Tools (cross-origin errors are hard to report properly in the error field).

Does the above answer fixed your case? I still got 404 (Notfound) when grafana tries to test the connection by sending curl to get the mapping of elastic index.Failed to load https:// Response for preflight has invalid HTTP status code 404.

is Elastic cloud supported?