Using dashboard variables in transformations doesn't work (v10.2.1)

i had trying to use the transformation “filter values” with dashboard variables $xxx but it doesn’t work as it’s explain in video on website (what’s new in Grafana v10.2) .
i’m using grafana on windows .
thanks for your help

i show more detail for my problem.
this link What's new in Grafana v10.2 | Grafana documentation ,explain in the chapter " Transformations" by video how use dashboard variable to filter by value.
but when i try ,grafana doesn’t show my $variable.

can you help or may be a bug ?

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Are there any regex expressions needed? This is for the dashboard variables?

It might not show it but does it work if you just manually add it?

thanks for your answers
manually doesn’ t work too
info: my variable is type text box with constant value. i wish that is not a problem type of variable ( string / number) ….

What happens if you use the Explore function with the data source and manually enter everything?

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if i set value manually that is ok
in query data source ,grafana show ${juy} and show also « (template variable) 414570 »
414570 is selected value

Is there any kind of variable result that might not be part of the requirement for the query? Or a regex that’s missing?

thanks a lot but my new question is :
does the functionality showed in video working with your dashboard ? because when i do the same operation (write $juy for example) in “transformation datas” ,if after i select “query” and return in “transformation datas” ,grafana change $juy by 0

to be sure that my explanations of this bug are understanding.

i tried this new functionality :

but in my case ,at this step nothing are displaying (template variable)

has anyone tried this functionality ?


Hi there

Thats exactly the video i also looked at and tried to reproduce the same with the variables in the transformation. But it does not work, also not in version 10.3 Is there maybe a special config needed for this in the backend somewhere? Thanks for reply.

Yes, transformationsVariableSupport

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perfect. I’m so happy. Thats the solution and now its working just as in the video :smile:

hi here
thanks for these informations because i did not know this configuration of grafana and now it is work also for me
nice day

Hello @jangaraj - is there a way to make the panels that use a dashboard variable in a transform, force update/auto refresh when a different variable is selected?

Right now, if the user selects a different variable from the drop down (single select variable), the panels don’t get auto refreshed…the user has to manually refresh via the dashboard refresh button at top right of dashboard. This is annoying, plus it triggers all queries on the dashboard to re-run (which can be costly, and is unnecessary in my case)

Hi @frenchy76

I am facing the same issue, In Grafana v8.4.3, I used ‘.’ in one of the text box variable, and it worked as expected, allowing me to see the data. However, after migrating to v10.4.2, the same '.’ variable is not working. do have any insights or suggestion…

hello sunshinemorningstar
can you send screenshoot please because that’s ok for me with transformationsVariableSupport features configuration (information by jangaraj)

nice day

sure @frenchy76

this screen shot is from Grafana v8.4.3 where i have create a text box variable and the default value is .*

but if i use the same in Grafana v10.4.2. i am not able to see the data in the panel.


fine and strange …
have you look at “query inspector” ?
what is your datasource ?

Yes I did look at query inspector but it didnt make any sense to me below is the screenshot

what is your datasource ?
I am using Influxdb as the Datasource.