Using Custom Variables with prometheus fails to fetch all the series

Hi all! In my deployment of grafana 9.4.7 I see the following issue:

I have created a variable with a set of Key-Value pairs called hpcflavors
(flavor1 : 102d211b-9617-44c3-9b1a-e33b755d4dec ,
flavor2 : 102d221b-9617-44c3-9b1a-e33b755d4dec ,
flavor3 : 08883aac-6ced-4d8b-97f5-7ab123d2d3c9…)

However when I use this variable to request data from prometheus, The query returns only on time series. More specifically

openstack_nova_server_status{flavor_id=~“${hpcflavors:pipe}”} returns time series for only 1 and not for every key. It looks like grafana is always picking hpcflavors[1] But I do not understand why. I have tried multiple approaches ,single-quotes, double quotes, avoid the use of pipe, using raw and many others.

If I go into the query inspector in the query payload, I see that grafana is sending only one of the variables
but I do not understand why,

It is clear that promethus is not at fault here because I can see in /metrics that there are different values that I am not seeing in my panel.

If I just do it in a dummy way
The query works just fine.

Any input would be appreciated.