Using a different user-defined alias per metric in a single query from Elasticsearch

I am creating a single timeseries graph of many (30+) fields from ES. I’d like to use aliases to rename these fields so that they appear in the Legend differently than their full field names from ES. I’m able to do this by creating a separate query for each field. Using multiple queries means that the graph loads much slower (>10s) than if I use a single query with 30 metrics (~1s). However, using a single query I am only able to use a single alias. Is there a way to use a separate alias for each field/metric in a single query?

I know that you can use alias patterns such as


but my understanding is that this will simply return the field name as it exists in ES.

My ES field names and desired aliases are systematically related. i.e.

ES field:


Desired alias:


Thanks for your help.

You may be able to do what you want using GroupBy:Filter, with a unique Label per Filter query. Can you provide an example/ screenshot of the current state?