User interviews - phishing or real?

I just received an email from “User interviews” who wants my opinion on Grafana. I’d love to help, but it seemed slightly like an phishing email. Could anybody from Grafana confirm if you indeed are using that company?

Good to always be cautious. I also got it but checked out the cc email address also, looks legit.

Hi there!

I understand your concern – but the email is definitely not phishing! It’s a research effort by Grafana’s UX team to collect feedback on a part of our product. Please do take the screener if you’re willing and you want your voice to be heard. We care deeply about what our users think and need. If you satisfy the screener requirements, you will get a link with a short exercise. And upon completion, there’s a thank you voucher. :slight_smile:

Vesna Dean
Senior UX Designer at Grafana Labs

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Alrigth. I’ll respond and we will se what happens. :slight_smile: