Use the notification section <app-notifications-list class="page-alert-list">


I want to warn user when they build a weird request, theapp-notifications-list zone would be perfect but I can’t figure out how to build propre notification, all I can do is :

But the notification does not disapear, even if I click on the right cross or left tick

Does anyone have tips ?

Grafana is in the middle of converting from React to Angular and we are also building new plugin libraries so there are two ways to do this.

The old AngularJS way (here is a plugin using it):

See my previous answer:

The other similar way is to use the new @grafana/data library - which is still in alpha.

Example here:

and here:

Hello Danielle

I apologize for my late answer, I don’t know why, but I do not recieve mail notification from the forum.

For the moment I’m on another project, but as soon as I go back on Grafana I’ll try your snippet

Thanks !