Use part of a Variable Value, in a query (graphite)?

after research, Im pretty sure the answer to this question is No / Not possible, in terms of graphite, but i wanted to confirm:

Note: (my data source is graphite)

Question: Is it possible to use regex against the value (returned) of a Variable, in a Query?

for example, for the variable $newBuilding, the value returned is: 1016Canal

In my Grafana->Graphite query, im trying to use the value of variable $newBuilding, to some how match this metric:

ie, below is what i want to do, but it ofcourse does not match (because 1016Canal != 1016-Canal-Switch)

Id like to use a regex like: /…/ (4x periods/wildcards) against the value returned by var $newBuilding, then use that in a query like (note the * after $regexResult):


(the above would translate into this below, which if run, DOES get a match, because of the 1016* ):

Thank you.

(LOVE Grafana!)