Use declared variables in metrics query postgresql

Hi everybody, I am new in Grafana, my question: I declared two variables and I want to use those in a where statement to update the query result

But it just does not work, those fields are strings type and I wish that the Dashboard could update with the filter change, can any one help me??? please
The database is postgreSQL


try the ${client} and ${provider} syntax

None of that worked, I finally found that, at least in postgresql connector, you can not use ‘=’ syntax to use variables, you have to use ‘in’ syntax intead, for example:

WHERE client = ‘[[variable]]’ – this doesnt work, but if you use

WHERE client in (’[[variable]]’) – that work as expected

Maybe some one can fix it in the next release…

Grafana automatically creates a quoted, comma-separated string for multi-value variables.

You need to keep in mind variable auto quotes (so your problem is a Grafana feature, not a bug). Try:

WHERE client = [[variable]]


WHERE client = '${variable:raw}'

I recommend Grafana 5.3+ (available as a nightly dev build at the moment), where PostgreSQL query editor is improved - you can see there Generated SQL, so you will spot added quotes in your case: