URL Vars (scopedVars) not being sent on dashboard initial load

Hi all.
Im using the simplejson datasource plugin and also following the https://github.com/grafana/grafana/blob/master/docs/sources/plugins/developing/datasources.md

I noticed that in my query(options) the scopedVars are not being set when I “load” my panel. If I go to the template variable and change the drop down, then the variable value will be present in the options but not when loading first time.

For instance, Im opening my dashboard providing 2 variables:

It is working fine, but I dont see these values inside the option object.
If I go to the variable dropdown and change its value, the new value will be there.

Is this a desired behaviour or Im doing something wrong?
Can you help me out here please?


I am new to Grafana and am seeing the same issues. It is very annoying. I imagined slickly built dashboards linking seamlessly from one to another but instead its now rather clunky.

Is this fixable?