URL sharing - How to get rid of the border?


today I am the first time on board here and hopefully I will get some help from the experienced guys or developers here.
I use openHAB’s HABPanel as dashboard for my smart home visualisation. Therefor I used a frame widget in HABPanel and gave it the URL I got from Grafana’s sharing function.
If I open the HABPanel on my mobile phone I can see the Grafana graph as expected.
The only problem is the border around the Graph:


I analysed the CSS using Chrome browser developer extensions:

As one can see the border comes from the Grafana dashboard-container padding settings.
My question now is there any way to get rid of this padding? On my mobile device I want to utilise as much of my small display as possible.
Even if I use the URL parameter ‘fullscreen’ this padding is active.
An URL parameter ‘borderless’ or something similar would be great :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help…

if you embed a single panel (open panel share modal, embedd tab) you get a link to embed url for a single panel.

Hi torkel,

thanks - but I do not understand what you are saying.
Could you make it a littlebit more clear please?


Is there anybody outside who can give me any further help?