Upgraded to v7 - Clock panel Bg Color STILL not working

I have seen reports of the Clock panel background color not working in previous releases. I assumed it would be fixed with v7 but it seems not. Any chance this can be fixed in a future release?

I found out this issue was fixed in clock-panel 1.1.1 but it did not update to that version automatically with an update to Grafana v7 due to another bug. But the devs have now fixed that issue so I can confirm as of 22 May 2020 grafana-cli plugins update-all will update the clock panel correctly (to the current 1.1.1 version).

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Oh my… it does work, but you have to click the invisible bullet left to the words “Pick Color” (I suspect that is initialized with background color, which makes it by definition invisible). :slight_smile:

where do you see those words ???

In clock version V1.2.0 is the same background error again