Upgraded to v7 - Bar Gauge panel Field Data link variables not working

On v6.7.2 I was using Data links on the Fields of a Bar Gauge without any problems (Prometheus Data Source), so I could reference the following variables in BOTH the Title and the URL of the links:
{__field.name} {__field.labels.<whatever_label_name_I_want>}

But now after upgrading to v7 the variables don’t seem to be resolved correctly.
{__field.name} is output as "{__field.name}" if put in the Title of the link but IS resolved correctly in the URL.

But variables such as {__field.labels.location} are not resolved in either, they just output as "{__field.labels.location}".


Thank you for opening an issue about this bug.

For other people having the same issue, you can follow the resolution of this bug here: https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/24927