Update query parameter from a custom plugin (developed by ReactJS)

I have developed a plugin in which a query result is received by the plugin. I get the result of the query and process it. Now, I am going to change some of query parameter from the plugin.

The query is a Postgres raw query. Something like this:
SELECT a, b, c FROM test_table WHERE time > '1234567890'

How can I do this?
Should I use QueryEditorProps? how?
Should I use variables? how?

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I have open an issue and asked my question. The answer is that Grafana does not support this feature at the current version(6.3.x).

I am looking also Alot to get an answer or guidance how to start.
Please have a look to this vedio in YouTube and all created under Grafana.

Looking for guidance on how to create popup menu to update data on DB under grafana.