Update 6.3.3 to 6.5.0 NO running kiosk

I have updated from 6.3.3 to 6.5.0 and it does not start kiosk, show the “login/reset password” page,
Config OK 6.3.3 : /etc/xdg/lxsession/LXDE-pi/autostart
@xset s noblank
@xset s off
@xset -dpms
@sleep 10
@/usr/bin/grafana-kiosk --URL --login-method local --username admin --password passw --kiosk-mode full -autofit false --lxde

I have the same problem, it doesn’t fill the username section

is there any solution ? I downgraded to 6.3.3 again

You’ll need to build the binary from master, the one supplied (currently) isn’t from the current master branch which has the fix.

I’ll update the build process and have it generate newer versions automatically. There are some additional features I’d like to add but will take care of this first.



v1.0.1 has been released: https://github.com/grafana/grafana-kiosk/releases

The previous build is also available under releases.

The build process has been updated to automate the builds, and the documentation has been updated to include several auto-start options.

If you run into any problems, open an issue in the repo (questions or enhancement ideas are good too!)