Up Down arrow panel plugins for grafana

Hi All,
I am quite new to grafana. We are working on to implement grafana on a centralized scale in my organization. What I am planning to implement is to show “Up”/“Down” arrows in dashboard whenever some particular stats go down. The single stat plugin does not provide this. Is there some plugin that can help me here?
Eventually if we have to develop our own plugin for this, can the community point me to the right direction to take this ahead?

Arijit Ray

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Hi Arijit,

Have you been able to implement this configurable arrow plugin?


Grafana is supporting this function in version 7.5.3.

Hi Lee, thanks for your response. I am using v7.5.3 but do not see this functionality. Can you provide more details?

You can find it in Transform :Sort by

“Transform:Sort By” displays values in a sorted order but doesn’t relate to displaying an up/down arrow.

Below is a mockup of the arrow functionality I am referring to:


OH,Sorry, i misunderstand~

Would you be so kind and expalin how can we get arrowbeside numeric value?
If I understant well, arrow shows trend of changing value.

Thank You!

The image I presented is a mockup. I have not found a way to implement this in practice.