Unraid Internal dashboard

I have a dashboard configured and displaying great. I added a Pi Zero on one of the TVs in my house when I have it go to the dashboards IP it requires a login. But there is no keyboard on this system and placing one would defeat the purpose of the kiosk. Is there a way to do this? I tried editing the grafana.ini but I am unable to find it in the docker container. I know I could reverse Proxy it but I think that overkill for use within the network.

You might want to investigate https://github.com/futurice/chilipie-kiosk

I use this in just the way you describe, and although it requires a keyboard
to set it up the first time, after that you can power the Pi on and off (I power
mine from a USB socket on the TV) and it logs in automatically to Grafana and
displays your wallboard/s.

Hope that helps,