Unnable to send email with TLS and SMTP


I have tried to configure Grafana to send emails over TLS. I have configured the necessary SMTP fields according to the configuration documentation

I am using Grafana v9.3.2 inside docker.

My configuration is done over docker environment variables:

    - GF_SERVER_ROOT_URL=<my_root_url>
    - GF_SECURITY_ADMIN_PASSWORD=<my_password>
    - GF_SMTP_ENABLED=true
    - GF_SMTP_HOST=<my_smtp_host:port>
    - GF_SMTP_CERT_FILE=<path_to_smtp_cert_file>
    - GF_SMTP_KEY_FILE=<path_to_smtp_key_file>
    - GF_SMTP_USER=<smtp_user>
    - GF_SMTP_PASSWORD=<smtp_password>
    - GF_SMTP_FROM_ADDRESS=<from_this_email_address>
    - GF_SMTP_FROM_NAME=<from_name>
    - GF_LOG_LEVEL=debug

When i test the email settings in the window “Update contact point”, I get the following errors:

level=error msg="Missing receiver"
level=error msg="Missing group labels"

the error logs do not contain any information that helps me further…

It seems that the problem is in grafana as there are any logs at the SMTP server side.

I have filled in the “Addresses” field with a valid e-mail address.

What could be the cause of this problem?