Unable to send notifications over Webhook


Recently I’ve been trying to set up my graph panel to send alert notifications via a webhook to my Discord server. I have created a webhook (this provides me with Discord server and channel IDs, token, avatar which will display next to who sent the message and name that will display itself as the writer of the messages in the text channel) and added the link to Grafana’s Notification channel settings, but sadly, it doesn’t work, returning me only a message that states “Failed to send alert notifications”.


I do not have the username nor password and they don’t seem to be required fields, but whether I input my Grafana login data or channel/server ID/token from Discord’s webhook or not, it doesn’t seem to have any effect. At the same time, the Alert Rule which was defined was tested successfully and returns the error message in Grafana.

Could someone point me at what am I missing? Documentation for webhooks isn’t very broad and Discord’s webhooks don’t have anything like username and password.

See https://discordapp.com/developers/docs/resources/webhook#execute-slackcompatible-webhook

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