Unable to run k6 from git actions

Hi Team,

I am running into issues while running the k6 tests from github actions from past 2 days. Please see the error below.
Error: Unable to resolve actions. Repository not found : k6io/action.

Below is the action step i am using in the git action workflow.
- name: Checkout
uses: actions/checkout@v2
they were running fine until jan 19th. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi @sachinbalusu, welcome to the community forum :tada:

It seems like after the move of all k6io repos to the grafana organization (mid last year), nobody updated the action repo and … github kept the k6io/action for some time but in reality it’s now grafana/k6-action. So if you just change to that it will work. I have no idea why it worked for so long and why it stopped now :man_shrugging:

I will be updating the corresponding documentation and sorry for the confusion :frowning:

Thank you, ill update the GHA.