Unable to refer message template in Teams type contact points

Unable to access message templates inside contact point for Microsoft Teams type. I can able to access for Slack but not for Microsoft Teams. If I dont have any template, simple text message in Optional MS Teams settings, it send the message to teams channel.

I have message template defined as below. This is very simple template.

{{ define "TestTemplate" }}
  Test Message to be sent out for alerts
{{ end }}

I have below contact point defined as below

When I click on Test action button, I get below Error message


If I provide message like

New Title : {{ default.title . }} Default Teams Message : {{ teams.default.message . }}

I get same error message: unsupported protocol scheme

Appreciate any help. I feel like this is a bug.

Even I am facing same issue. If you got any solution please share , I am using Grafana v8.3.4 .