Unable to login

I had installed grafana and I don’t remember changing the password. So when I am trying to login using the default credentials admin/admin its giving me incorrect username/password. I had not provided any email id so unable to get the password reset link. Please help me out with this issue.


Try this : How do i reset admin password?

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I use MSSQL, not SQLlite. So this won’t work

Try going in to MSSQL and updating the user table with:

update user set password =
salt = ‘F3FAxVm33R’ where login = ‘admin’;

Note: the above is the command you would use for SQLite, but I’m sure MSSQL
can’t be too different. This should reset the “admin” account’s password to


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Hey, thanks for your help. But, I was able to reset the password. Just added the grafana cli path in the environment variable → open cmd as administrator → cd to the grafana-cli → write the command: grafana-cli admin reset-admin-password your_new_password. And done!