Unable to Locate The Analysis Tab

Hi, I’m attempting to code along with the following video:

At this time, I’m unable to locate the ‘Analysis’ tab within the ‘Performance Insights’ to add a new CPU and Memory metrics. Does anyone know where one can find this functionality?

Hi @conradwt

Welcome to the community forum :wave: and thanks for reporting this.

The video refers to the k6 cloud, for which we no longer accept sign-ups. Since we moved to Grafana cloud k6, the option to further analyze metrics is in the three dots of the “Performance overview” graph, “Explore”.

You’ll need to add the metrics like CPU and memory. E.g.

I discussed this with the k6 product team and there are plans to add a similar tab, but it’s not there yet. Does this work for you?


With the Grafana K6 Cloud UI, it’s not clear what button(s) one needs to click to add the panels under the performance insights page. At this time, I have created the panel but I’m just not seeing it on the other pages. It looks easier to edit an existing panel than to navigate all the forms. BTW, K6.io screens appear to be still operational.

Hi @conradwt

Thanks for the feedback, it’s very useful for the team. The “old” UI might have been better for this analysis. That is one of the reasons we plan to add the tab in Grafana Cloud k6 as well, to facilitate creating these graphs in an integrated manner.

The explorer is documented in the Grafana Cloud k6 docs, though only how to get to Grafana’s explorer view: Correlate results in Grafana | Grafana Cloud k6 documentation

Indeed k6.io is still live. It’s the website for the OSS k6 documentation and blogs. Grafana documentation has only the Grafana Cloud k6 docs for now.