Analysis, I did not see Utilization CPU & Utilization Memory


I registerd free account K6 cloud.
After running tests, going to the Analysis tab > Add new Chart, I did not see Utilization CPU & Utilization Memory.
Are they available for a free account?


Hi @thanhmp !

They should be available for free accounts too!

Could you please try to use this “Configure” button:

Let me know if that helps!

Hi olegbespalov,

When I tried to config Thresholds with Utilization - CPU, Utilization - Memory, the error occurs when Save and Run.

Hi @olegbespalov
I config thresholds like this

Okay, so you’re trying to config them as the thresholds that might be a bug :frowning_face:

I’ll return after the investigations.

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@thanhmp yeah, and it’s fixed now.

Could you please double-check it thanks for the report :relaxed:


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The issue has been fixed OK. Thanks
I can run test with config Presholds above.
But when I go to Analysis (Compare metrics) > Add New Chart, I did not see the list of metrics to add.
Below is the dialog to Add new chart.

'Add new chart" should be like this on Youtube?

Hi @thanhmp

I guess the youtube video has an outdated UI :frowning_face:

Here is some documentation with the actual UI: Compare metrics

But TL;DR, you should click on the second dropdown where you have selected “VUs” and choose the other metric.

Let me know if that helps