Unable to load Prometheus datasource w/GrafanaCloud

hi! I’m using the prometheus plugin for Kong and have the metrics exposed at an endpoint like


It’s protected with basic auth.

I can resolve this endpoint in the browser or with curl, no problem, but trying to add it to GrafanaCloud results in an “HTTP Error Not Found” during the “Test” phase of setup.

I thought it might be a problem with including the path, so I set up a redirect from metrics.mydomain.com but that got me a HTTP Error Bad Gateway.

Only port 8000 is open on this server, including :8000 with either URL did not make a difference.

In the GrafanaCloud page, when I check the developer console I am seeing errors like " TypeError: “this.options[0] is undefined”"

What am I missing/misunderstanding? Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

aha, it was a fundamental misunderstanding … I also need to run a Prometheus server. :frowning: anyone have links to a good cheap hosted Prometheus service?