Adding datasource prometheus in grafana HTTP Error Not Found

Hi Team,

We are having grafana instance which is running outside of kubernetes.
And we are having prometheus which is running inside kubernetes as a deployment.
The problem is when we are trying to add datasource we are getting HTTP Error Not Found.
What is the solution for this.
We already searched in community didn’t found anything.
One more thing we are having prometheus instances outside of kubernetes cluster where we are able to add them in same grafana.

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I’m having the same issue. From the gitlab server where I have grafana running I get the following:

root@gitlab-server:/# curl http://gitlab-runner-ip:32039/metrics

HELP gitlab_runner_api_request_statuses_total …

TYPE gitlab_runner_api_request_statuses_total counter

which means I’m getting the metrics, but on the user interface I get HTTP Error Not Found where the URL is http://gitlab-runner-ip:32039 and Access Server (Default).

When inspecting the browser I see that the response is 404 page not found.

I also tried the Access Browser but I get Unknown error during query transaction. Please check JS console logs. which is due to CORS policy.

Does anyone knows the solution for this?

Thanks for any help.