Unable to get Grafana Phlare datasource

Hey Guys,

I am unable to get Phlare even after the configuration is successful and its ready to listen.
I referred this article - Getting started with Grafana Phlare - Getting started with Grafana Phlare - YouTube

Could anyone please advice and help me with this.

Thank you!

See mentioned video at 5:36. Grafana 9.3.0-pre was used there. 9.3.0 was not released, so you need Grafana, where it is available - build own Grafana from the main branch or use some dev image (maybe grafana/grafana:main-ubuntu or image which was used in the video aocenas/grafana:profiling-ds-2).

Now I understood. Thank you much for your time and response.

Let me check if I could get the same version to integrate Phlare. Will revert back if any issues.

@jangaraj Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the resources on how we can build our own Grafana or dev image. Would be great if you could help me with the resources to refer and then build .

Thank you much!

May I have an update here please ?

Thank you!