Unable to Format Using Thresholds

Grafana 9.5.1 with Zabbix Plugin
Zabbix 6.2.6 on Ubuntu 22.04.1
MySQL 8.0.33

Since I am using the plugin, I do not have the query editor showing at all, so other solutions regarding modifying the query, I’ve not been able to do.

I am using the metrics query type to pull in SSL certificate exipry dates. I have the following Transformations applied:

I want to color code the rows in my Table with thresholds for red at 7 days, orange at 8-30, yellow at 31-90, and green at 91+ days from current date. Since my value is a Unix time static value which I’m scaling and converting to DateTime local, how can I set a threshold to compare that value against current date? This post seems to be basically the same issue, but how can I view/edit my actual MySQL query without seeing the query code in the builder - which I think is missing from the plugin?

Is there a way to do have the threshold/override evaluate current date and subtract that value from my expiration value field or can that kind of thing be done with a transformation?

Have you looked st value mapping?

Thanks for the reply yosiasz.
I looked at value mapping, but since the expiration date value is a static Unix timestamp, I don’t think a value mapping is able to calculate that time from now.