Unable to filter time in dashboard which uses MySQL database

I have a dashboard that uses MySQL as a data source and has a column that is timestamp called f_received this time is IST the query I am writing is this :
f_received as ‘time’,
f_sprint_cycle as SprintCycle,
f_authorName as AuthorName,
f_repository as Repository,
f_received as TimeReceived


group by f_authorName,f_sprint_cycle,f_repository,f_received
order by f_received DESC

I am unable to use the filter in grafana to filter the results based on time . the sample time received from sql timestamp is 2020-11-06T10:38:53Z I am using this as ‘time’ can you please suggest some lines to write to enable filtering of the data ? Thanks !

Hi smalihussaini,

Maybe something like this could help you:

  f_received AS time,
  f_sprint_cycle AS SprintCycle,
  f_authorName AS AuthorName,
  f_repository AS Repository,
  f_received AS TimeReceived
FROM <table_name>
WHERE $_timeFilter(f_received )
GROUP BY f_authorName, f_sprint_cycle, f_repository, f_received
ORDER BY f_received DESC