Unable to fetch MediaPackage metrics using the CloudWatch Plugin

Using the CloudWatch plugin, I’m able to pull metrics from the AWS/MediaLive and AWS/CloudFront namespaces, however there is no AWS/MediaPackage namespace listed in the drop down.

I’ve selected the correct region, and if I put double quotes around “AWS/MediaPackage”, then the correct data populates for the other dropdowns (dimensions, stats, etc). But when I select all of the fields that I want to view, there are “no data points”.

When I use the aws cli, I can pull the metrics manually, the data does exist.


Just found out that I can actually only “browse” the metrics when I put the quotes around the namespace for AWS/MediaPackage. When I remove the quotes after setting the query, the metrics show up.

Strange… So I have to put the quotes on, build the query, remove the quotes.


What version of Grafana are you using? There have been some enhancements to the cloudwatch datasource in the latest Grafana version. Have you read the documentation?