Unable to enable testdata


I just installed Grafana and I’m trying to go through the getting started steps. One step is to enable the testdata at http://localhost:3000/plugins/testdata/edit. The instructions are not clear ( Grafana TestData is not enabled by default. To enable it, first navigate to the Plugins section, found in your Grafana main menu. Click the Apps tabs in the Plugins section and select the Grafana TestData App.) as there is no Apps tab on my Plugins page. There is a list of plugins, and one is called TestData DB (rather than TestData App). It follows the url stated later in the instructions “(Or navigate to http://your_grafana_instance/plugins/testdata/edit to go directly there). Finally click the enable button to enable.” However, when I go to that url I don’t see an Enable button, just an empty Readme (almost empty, actually, as it does say “Dependencies Grafana *”

It seems as if my version of the docs don’t match the product. Is there a newer version of the docs?

I’m trying the suggested video on Youtube, but again, it seems way out of date and nothing is the same.

(This one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKNZMtoSHN4&index=7&list=PLDGkOdUX1Ujo3wHw9-z5Vo12YLqXRjzg2)

Any suggestions?

Not off to a good start, here…

What version of Grafana are you on? In newer versions, it should just work (after being changed from an app to be a datasource). I tested now on a clean installation of Grafana and all I had to do was create a datasource:

Then I could just use it:

Yes, I’m on the newest version. That’s why I was confused; the docs seem out of date.

I was able to get the datasource added, but not by doing what was suggested in the docs.

Sorry - that’s totally the Grafana team’s fault. We updated it and did not update the docs. Will get that fixed.