Missing TestData datasources

Hi guys, we are trying to do a quick POC for dashboard integrating data from multiple systems.

For quick display of capabilities I particularly would like to follow:

But there is nothing like this anywhere in the GUI!
It says:

To enable it you have to go to /plugins/testdata/edit and click the enable button to enable
But I cant find where is that… Same issue with the docs about Postgres and MySQL - it does not show up anywhere in GUI.

Can anyone help clarify where I need to go please?
I really can be happy if I can just get simple CSV file working and demonstrate capabilities for today.


We figured it out - the docs need to clarify that it means to go to the URL /plugins/testdata/edit!!

I was sure it means either some file on file system I did not have, or GUI path I did not find…

Docs updated with a longer description on how to enable the testdata app.

Grafana TestData is not enabled by default. To enable it, first navigate to the Plugins section, found in your Grafana main menu. Click the Apps tabs in the Plugins section and select the Grafana TestData App. (Or navigate to http://your_grafana_instance/plugins/testdata/edit to go directly there). Finally click the enable button to enable.